SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

September 21, 2022
Omni-Channel Engagement

SMS marketing is becoming extremely important for businesses to reach their customers than other channels such as email or WhatsApp. With proper SMS marketing practices, businesses can acheive increased sales conversions, and improved customer retention. However, as with any form of marketing, inevitable mistakes can be made, resulting in your campaign being less effective than it could be.

This blog post will highlight seven of the most common SMS marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

A marketing campaign’s success depends on the how relevent it is to their target audience. Sending the same message to everyone in your subscribers list will result in low CTR. But, if you segment your audience, and send relevent and personalized content based on segment criteria, it will be more likely to be acted upon.

When customers receive a Getting the attention of your target audience requires creativity. If you fail to get your message heard the first time, your brand is doomed from the start. When customers receive a generic marketing message, it can feel like the business is not taking the time to get to know its customers well enough.

Businesses must ensure that their messages are personalized. This is because people are more likely to respond to a personalized message than a generic one sent to many people. Personalization can be as simple as adding your recipient’s name to the subject line or more complex, like sending different messages to different segments.

Every campaign has a goal of converting customers or brand awareness. With personalized CTA links in within SMS, you can increasion conversion from leads to users by 42% more. Main goal of having CTA is to drive more sales.

Good CTA links in SMS message can be very useful in acheiving more conversions and revenue. MAke sure that it is personalized for each customer and aligns with your overall marketing strategy

In recent years, SMS marketing has become an increasingly popular and croweded, every brand is trying to engage and customers. Customers now a days are bombarded with too many irellevent messages. In this scenario, its important that you send only relevent and effective SMS messages to make sure customers have attention.

For SMS marketing, timing is everything. Sending SMS messages at the wrong time can be annoying to customers, so it is important to get the timing right.

Best time to send SMS marketing doesn’t really exist and what works for one brand does not necessarily apply to another Considering that 62% of people check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up, it is obvious that text messages have an open rate of 99% with 97% read in the first 15 minutes of receiving. But again, 2am is not a good time to send texts. So you shuold ideally use timeslots like 8am to 10am or 5pm to 9pm which works for you.


SMS marketing is really powerful when used wisely. By avoiding the mistakes we’ve mentioned in this article, you can acheive better conversions and revenue with SMS campaigns.

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