Optimize your browse abandonment followups

September 21, 2022
Marketing Automation

While abandoned cart followups are important, just imagine if a customers clicks your ad on facebook and comes to the websites, browses few products and leaves without making any purchase. In this scenario, abandoned cart followup won't work. The ideal approach here is to implement browse abandonment followup automation.

What are browse abandonment followups?

Browse abandonment folloups are set of automated messages like email/sms/whatsapp that you send to that re-engage your visitor when they leave the page after only viewing bunch of oproducts on your website. These all email/sms/whatsapp messages will motivate the customers to have a second look at your products and increase your conversion rate.

Browse abandonment messages are sent when a customer does activities on your site like viewing a product or collection, which makes them a highly personalized means of communication.

Sample Browse Abandonment Journey In Growlytics

Why browse abandonment automation is important?

If you look at your entire sales funnel, you will see the biggest dropoff happens at browse abandonment, people coming to webstie, checking few proucts and leaving website. There can be any reason behind customer leaving website, may be they are doing research on the product that they want to buy and looked at your products.

Customers say that they always do research before making a purchase to make sure they are gettign best deal in market.

According to survey conducted by google, 53% of shoppers do research before making a purchase to ensure they’re making the best product in market. Now in this scenario, more product that customer research on different websites, probablity of loosing track of all what all products customer browsed lessens. And this is the precise scenario where browse abandonment followups will help you to bring them back.

Imagine you are selling furniture items, like chairs, tables, beds and cupboards. If a customers visits your website and looks at few of your tables and then leaves your site, they will defenately visit other websites as well to compare what are the best deal for them in the market. If customer visits 10 to 15 websites for his puchase, in this scenario you can stand out from all other brands by doing personalized followups, this atleast makes sure that customer remember your brand even though they haven't made any decision on purchase.

The goal of browse abandonment automation

Usually, browse abandonment automation is not the first automation that marketers setup. Abandoned cart emails or welcome emails are the first email automations marketers setup. The reason behind that is That’s because, in terms of revenue per recipient (RPR) generated by email automations, cart abandonment and welcome emails see some of the highest returns.

The goal of browser abandonment automation is to remind customers of a particular product or products they viewed, and drive them back to your website.

The action or behavior of simply viewing a product doesn’t give you enough context behind a site customer’s intent—whether they were considering buying the product they viewed or not. So it’s important to keep a balance between those two objectives in your browse abandonment series.


Cart abandonment marketing tactics have been widely adoped and its showing great results. But brands also wants to engage and get the attention of customers that show buying signals but haven't gotten around to carting those products, and thats's whre browse abandonement recovery works well.

Our suggestion is that A browse abandonment automation that is highly personalized and sent at right time should be part of every online retailer's conversion strategy. It is very powerful way to generate additional revenue.

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